Geralt Can Cast Tornadoes, Lightning, Dark Magic & More in This Witcher 3 Mod

Witcher 3 Mod

Mods is PC games are a way to introduce new additions to the game other then the designed ones, this Witcher 3 mod from modder ”menshcfeind13” allows Geralt to cast tornadoes, lightning, firestreams, dark magic, waves of lightning, fire and aard energy onto the foes in the game. Basically, this mod has all the new magic tricks fans of Witcher 3 community will love to try.

The Witcher 3 Mod – How Does it Work?

The mod brings in new magic items that modify or replace signs abilities when equipped in quick and/or trophy slots (except for the The Sword Ring). They can be bought from Ofieri and Novigradian merchants, or just use the console command:
Each of the items has unique descriptions to connect them with the game lore.

The mod introduces magic items in the form of trophies and other quick slot items. You can combine them to desired sign effects and new magic tricks.

In order to make new magic spells work, you need to place quickslot items in quick slot ones and choose one. Trophy items must be placed in Roach Trophy slot to use the corresponding sign.

Witcher 3 Mod
Energy Aard Blast
Witcher 3 Mod
Assassin’s Tornado
Witcher 3 Mod
Fire Stream

Read more about the details of all spell items in this mod here. You can download the mod here and try out the amazing new magic tricks Geralt has up his sleeve.

Have you played Witcher 3 so far? Have you tried any mods of Witcher 3? Are you looking forward to download and test run this mod? Share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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