New Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay Released – Play As Anyone in London

Watch Dogs Legion Gameplay

A new Watch Dogs Legion gameplay was released at Gamescom 2019 showcasing the new feature on which the upcoming Watch Dogs game is based. The new feature allows you to play as anyone in the game.

Play as anyone in London is the new feature Ubisoft is talking about here and there. This feature allows you to recruit Londoners to the cause. Each person comes with set of good and bad skills. Your recruitment drive will decide how much cozy you can be in completion of a mission.

Check out the official Watch Dogs Legion gameplay trailer here to know more about Play as anyone feature in the game.

Each citizen comes with set of skills that can be good or bad in certain situations. Few of the citizens have certain position in the game world where you can turn the tables.

The videos shows a perfect example where you can higher an attorney to your team and whenever your other team members are behind the bars, just give your attorney a call and he / she will be released free.

Recruiting anyone to your team does not come free. The new Watch Dogs Legion gameplay video explains that you will need to complete a task for an individual before you could recruit them. Each task varies from one character to the other.

Watch Dogs Legion is set to release worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One Microsoft Windows platform on March 6, 2020. The game is third installment in Watch Dogs series and will be a direct sequel to Watch Dogs 2.

Are you excited about Watch Dogs Legion? Do you like the idea of Play as anyone? Share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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