Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Map Will Be Of Same Size As Wildlands

Ghost Recon Breakpoint map

Since the official announcement, Ubisoft has started to drop more details on their upcoming sequel to Wildlands, Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The latest news from Ubisoft has indicated that the Ghost Recon Breakpoint map will feature the same size as there was in Wildlands along with tons on new activities, missions and exploration offered to players.

The new Ghost Recon Breakpoint is followed by Wildlands DLC Operation Oracle which added two new story missions earlier this month. Not only that the new update also added two unique rewards for those who will successfully complete these missions. The missions focus on extracting a Skell Tech Engineer from Unidad where players will be getting help from a new Ghost team leader, Major Cole D. Walker played by Jon Bernthal from tv series The Punisher.

Meanwhile, Ghost Recon Breakpoint story plot tells that Cole has gone rogue and killed Holt, Midas, and Weaver along with his army of advanced weaponized drones from Operation Oracle. The new antagonist is now hunting down the remaining Ghosts with the help of modern gears and drones from Skell along with his team called Wolves. Moreover, the game will allow players to take down Cole with his Skell tech to accomplish the game.

Ubisoft has revealed that the game will feature tons of content to enjoy in the huge designed world similar to Ghost Recon Wildlands. Moreover, there aren’t any much details on the map and missions but Ubisoft will have them to announce soon.

Additionally, Ubisoft Paris has confirmed to release Ghost Recon Breakpoint Epic exclusive for PC. Not only that, but the new game will also arrive on Ubisoft’s own game client Uplay Store, but the game will not receive a release on Steam. The new Ghost Recon Breakpoint Epic exclusive release also comes under the contract signed between Ubisoft and Epic Games.

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