Total War Elysium Will Be Exclusive To China

Total War Elysium is Creative Assembly’s first game that will be exclusive to Chinese market and developers hope to bring it to players later worldwide. The game is spin-off card game in Total War series of video games.

The decision to release Total War Elysium in China first is that the studio thought China as a biggest market for its previous game titled as Total War: Three Kingdoms. The studio also partnered with Chinese publisher NetEase and gained a significant renown after collaborating with NetEase.

This partnership meant a great deal for Creative Assembly studio and Chinese market, in that the whole Total Wars video game series will be brought to Chines market as well. Its a win win condition for both of the parties.

Total War Elysium

That being done, Total Wars Elysium is the next big thing for Creative Assembly studio and it is the result of partnership that the studio is inclined more to release the game first in Chinese market, weigh the feedback from community and may release the game later worldwide.

In order to release the game first to China, Creative Assembly will need to work with NetEase to comply with China’s strict requirements about video games. Compliance according to Chinese market are very essential and a lot of studios have already modified the animations of their games when they have targeted to release them for Chinese market.

One fine example is of Rainbox Six Siege whose maps, arts and animations were bit changed before it could launch in China.

Have you played previous Total Wars games? Are you excited for Total Wars Elysium? Share your thoughts with us in comments section below.


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