Super Mario Maker 2 Switch Will Come With New Features, Tools And More

Super Mario Maker 2 Switch

Since the original release of the game, it has been four years until Nintendo announced another game. Apart from announcement, Nintendo has also detailed on their upcoming Super Mario Maker 2 Switch which will be coming with more features, tools to design and courses.

The new Super Mario Maker 2 Switch was also discussed in the recent Nintendo Direct event. The detailed discussion also seems a bit out of place, which means Nintendo also could have scheduled the presentation in E3 this year but they didn’t.

Moreover, the latest event has hinted many new details that are coming to the new Super Mario Maker 2. The developers have mentioned adding new features with plenty of tools and courses, while a single-player story mode is also coming within the game release.

Nintendo has discussed to add Co-op mode for the game which can be played with the help of a joy-con. Moreover, both of the players will be allowed to design courses at the same time. While the game will feature different slopes which allow players to make desired angle surfaces by selecting a series of direction and length details.

Most-awaited Angry Sun has returned from Super Mario 3. While many different levels from the previous game can now be adjusted and created according to the player’s needs. For example, the water level in Super Mario Maker 2 can be adjusted to forest theme, while half of the course will remain underwater which can also be adjusted under the water speed and height.

The new Mario Maker 2 Switch will be coming with online components, which means players will be allowed to share their created levels around the world. The ‘Courses World’ will be available to players all around the world under the paid membership service of Nintendo Switch online.

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