If Super Mario Bros. Was a First Person Shooter Game

Ever wondered how Super Mario Bros. would look like if it was a first person shooter game? Well, now we have a video that shows how cute the game had been if it was designed as a FPS game.

The Mapcore game development community recently gave a challenge to select designers to take any game from Super Mario Bros., Counter Strike 1.6 or Unreal Tournament and remake a level in their choice of software.

Sean Noonan who is currently working on Gear Tactics took the challenge and created Super Mario Bros. as a first person shooter game. Now, since Mario does not carry any sorts of weapon, the level designer gave him a gun which shoots plungers. Check out the video here.

We can clearly see its a Mario game as all the essential elements are there. We see bricks, coins, mushrooms, green pipes, goombas and lastly, the flag which ends the level in Mario games.

Sean Noonan is an excellent level designer. Previously, he has worked on few Far Cry games, Star Citizen and Watch Dogs. His creation of Super Mario Bros. as a 3D first person shooter game is amazing. You can follow his twitter account and see the progress of this remake.

What other game you would like to see recreated in a 3D environment? Share your thoughts with us in comments section below. 

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