Remnant From The Ashes Rings Guide – Best Rings and Effects

Remnant From The Ashes Rings Guide

In our Remnant From The Ashes rings guide we have listed all 18 rings along with their specific effects on characters in the game. The rings in the game provide buffs, resistance to certain attacks, XP boosts and other advantages in the game.

Players are allowed to equip only two rings at a time. You can however change rings anytime you want by navigating through character menu. Our guide lists all the rings in the game along with their effects so that you may have strategic advantage while playing the game according to your playstyle.

Remnant From The Ashes rings guide – All Rings and Effects

Name of Ring Ring Effects
Blood Font Recover 0.238 Health per second
Band of Strength +10% Melee damage for 10 seconds after a melee kill
Braided Thorns +15% Crit Chance for a duration of 6 seconds after taking down a foe.
Celerity Stone +25% Consumable Use Speed
Devouring Loop +10% chance of Critical Hits doing 300% bonus damage
Ezlan's Band +25 Max Health
Gravity Stone Not craftable. Adds buffs to your stats
Heartseeker 100% Crit Chance against non-aggressive foes. +15% Crit Damage
Hunter's Bad +25% Weak Spot damage from a distance greater than 15 meters
Jewel of the Black Sun +3% Ranged damage 5 seconds after performing a ranged skill
Keeper's Ring +15 resistance against elemental damage
Leech Ember Regenerate 5% of the damage dealt with melees
Mother's Ring -15% incoming Ranged Damage
Pillar of Stone -50% Sway and -25% Recoil
Razorstone Critical Hits with Melee cause an enemy to take 200% damage for 15 seconds
Ring of Evasion Slightly more time to evade
Root Circlet +20%. Melee speed
Sagestone +15% XP

This sums up our Remnant From The Ashes rings guide. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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