Remnant From The Ashes Gorefist Boss Fight Guide – Beat Easy

In our Remnant From The Ashes Gorefist boss fight guide, we have mentioned all the tips and tricks that you need to follow in order to beat the boss easily. Gorefist is relatively easy boss with less attack patterns, however he hits like a truck.

Remnant From The Ashes Gorefist Boss Fight Guide – Tips and Tricks

First off, once the fight starts, you should not rush towards Gorefist. Go to room on your right which is a large one and has lots of obstacles that will put you in distance from Gorefist.

The key strategy in this boss fight is to maintain your distance from Gorefist and hit him from a distance. Gorefist boss has a blade in his hand and he will swing it onto you whenever he gets close to you. The best you can do is to dodge away, spring and maintain certain distance and use ranged attacks to deplete the health bar of boss.

Remnant From The Ashes Gorefist Boss Fight Guide

The difficult part of the boss fight is the smaller enemies that spawn randomly in the area, who will explode whenever they get close to you. Entering the large room from the start will have you at advantage as the smaller monsters will not spawn in this area, instead they will come to you from afar areas.

The smaller monsters explosion damage will only stagger Gorefist, but it will harm the health bar of the boss. One key strategy you can adopt here is to time your dodges near the boss. After the explosion, the boss is staggered for few seconds and this will allow you to either sprint away and maintain your distance to land ranged attacks or land few melee hits on Gorefist.

This boss fight is relatively simple and will require you to have patience. If you think you are under leveled, you can go back and upgrade your equipment first and come back here later.

This sums up our Remnant From The Ashes Gorefist boss fight guide. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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