Rainbow Six Siege New Operators Will Be From Mexico & Peru, Says a Leak

Rainbow Six Siege New Operators

A leak post at reddit points at a concept art image to which many are saying that they are in fact two Rainbow Six Siege new Operators. The image shows two new operators who are involved in smuggling or even recovery of antiquities. Check out the images here below.

Rainbow Six Siege New Operators

Rainbow Six Siege New Operators

Currently, we do not know any clues about the release of Rainbow Six Siege new Operators. However, we do know that next two operators in the game will be from Mexico and Peru.

A leak in June suggested the origin and gadgets of new two operators. According to it, the gadgets will be a grappling hook and a shield which will drop fire whenever it is destroyed.

The recent concept art image adds reference Ubisoft’s teaser image released back in February regarding two new operators in the game. The image teased by Ubisoft also shows antiquities trafficking, which is also shown in the new concept art image leak.

Rainbow Six Siege New Operators
Image Credit: Ubisoft

Are you excited about Rainbow Six Siege new Operators? Share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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