Path Of Exile New Update Is Focused To Fix Major Game Issues

Path of Exile new update

Grinding Gear’s Path of Exile is one of the most acclaimed free-to-play RPG game out there. However, the game also has some flaws and lacked many RPG material features compared to the game’s competitors. Today, Grinding Gear, the game’s developer has mentioned that Path of Exile new update is focused to fix all these flaws and major issues that have been mentioned by players.

Not only that developers have mentioned that the update will rework on animations, with a more detailed hit detection along with melee stun which will allow close combat more promising. The Path of Exile new update is announced in an interview of studio’s co-founder and technical director Jonathan Rogers. As cheerful as it sounds, Rogers has confirmed to improve the animation system in the future update.

For quite a long time I would say, really since the beginning, melee has just not really been as good as we’d hoped, and I think that a lot of the reason for that is because we needed to go down to a pretty low level of the game with animation systems, action system, targeting system, all these different things.

As for the mentioned update details, it still seems like a small detail, but Rogers has confirmed that the new update will have a major impact on the core gameplay. For example, right now on striking, the animation starts till it ends and the player couldn’t save himself from enemy attacks. Now developers have managed to fix the animations code for Path of Exile to fix these issues which are addressed by players.

The new animations system will allow players to register as many hits possible to adjacent enemies only if the weapons reach is possible in that area. Moreover, the rebalance will help players to pick up arcane swords, which will help players to get away from powerful AoE ranged builds from enemies. The Path of Exile new update is scheduled to arrive on June 7, which is also a part of Legion update reported earlier by developers.

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