No Man’s Sky Beyond Tame Creatures Guide – How to Ride

No Man's Sky Beyond Tame Creatures Guide

In our No Man’s Sky Beyond tame creatures guide we have mentioned all the steps that you need to take in order to ride the creatures in the game. We have mentioned the method and listed the required materials that you need to collect to tame a creature.

No Man’s Sky Beyond Tame Creatures Guide – Method

First, you need to scan the creatures to reveal the bait information on them. You can only tame a creature if you get the bait information. The creatures that can be tamed will not have bait information after the scan.

No Man’s Sky Beyond Tame Creatures Guide – Required Materials

You need following things in order to ride a creature:

  • Nutrient Processor
  • Faceium
  • Creature Pellets

01. Nutrient Processor

Nutrient processor can be unlocked by collecting the salvaged data. You need to keep an eye out for Technology modules in order to collect salvaged data. You need at least 10 Salvaged Data items to get a blueprint for Nutrient processor.

Once you have the Nutrient processor, you will need additional 25 Sodium and Hermetic Seal and build two Metal Plates to construct the blueprint.

02. Creature Pellets

Creature Pellets are made using Carbon. You will need twenty Carbon for one granulate to get creature pellets.

03. Faceium

You need to feed creatures the creature pellets first and they will drop faceium. Once you collect it, you need to combine it with Harvestable Plants, like Frozen Tuboids. This in turn will give you Enzyme Fluid which is used as bait for creatures.

Once you have the Enzyme Fluid of a creature, go the Utilities Menu and throw a bait near a creature. The nearby creature will consume it and drop Eggs or Fresh Milk items. Once this is done, you can ride or tame that creature.

This sums up our No Man’s Sky Beyond tame creatures guide. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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