Need For Speed Heat Gameplay Shown at Gamescom 2019

Need For Speed Heat Gameplay

EA Games showcased the new Need For Speed Heat gameplay worldwide at Gamescom 2019. The new gameplay captures the key elements of NFS Heat. There is addition of couple of new features as shown in the gameplay trailer.

The new Need for Speed Heat gameplay introduces one key feature that is a unique addition to NFS franchise. The ability to customize your cars using an app from mobile devices. Other than that, we could not find anything new that maybe a significant jump from previous games in the series.

Check out the official Need for Speed Heat gameplay trailer here.

Few of the noticeable features that are returning in Need For Speed Heat is the day and night cycle, cops heat level, car customization, always online gameplay and few others.

Yes, Need For Speed Heat will feature always online feature and there is no word as of yet if players can play the game while being offline. Need For Speed 2015 was always online game and was criticized by fans.

Cops heat level is another interesting feature that has seen changes in Need For Speed Heat. As the cops level rise, they apply lethal force. They will deploy spike strips to bust the tires of racers. Even then, if racers escape, they will have to deal with hard hitting police van, ramming racer cars as shown in the gameplay video.

Car customization is back again and it does not disappoint, from the looks of it, you can pretty much customize anything you want about your car. Paint, body, rims, tyres, decals, vinyls, and much more to customize in Need For Speed Heat.

What do you think about Need For Speed Heat? Are you excited about it? Have you played previous NFS game in the series? Share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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