Konami to Reveal Metal Gear Solid 5 Demon Edition at Gamescom 2019

Metal Gear Solid 5 Demon Edition

Konami will show Metal Gear Solid 5 Demon Edition at Gamescom 2019, some of its press was shown on Friday. The reveal of new edition of MGS V is not certain, we highly advise to take it with a grain of sale. Gamescom 2019 is due from August 20 – 24, 2019.

The primary intention to release or reveal Metal Gear Solid 5 Demon edition is to win back Western audience after the backlash that Survive got. They got Fukushima to helm the project, he’s also the main writer. Team is Metal Gear veterans, with people who worked on Portable Ops and Ghost Babel on board

The game will support full English redub. The Japanese cast for MGS V is the same with Big Boss voiced by Richard Doyle, who also voiced in MGS 4. James Horan will voice as Skullface and Downes as Kaz.

MGS V Ground Zeroes will be fully integrated in the game as it serves as prologue to MGS V Phantom Pain.

The intro will be revamped, such that Morpho’s crash at the end of Ground Zeroes, in which you have limited control of Big Boss, crawling through the wreckage, and watching a XOF kill team lead by Skullface, killing a bunch of survivors, which is the trailer in it’s entirety.

Abducts Chico, and Skullface is about to deliver the coup de grace on Boss, when the Medic attacks him from behind. A small, but brutal CQC battle ensures, with Skullface eventually overwhelming Venom, before he’s killed with a knife to his throat

Snake and Kaz are saved at the last minute, by a gunship, forcing XOF to retreat with Chico in tow. Trailer ends with Boss losing conscious, as he’s being dragged into a heli by Cipher Special Forces led by Ocelot.

Some of the big changes that will be part of Demon Edition includes:

01. Quiet has been reworked. The character has been split into two. “Quiet” now dies in the hospital after being set on fire “by” Ishmael (whose legit a hallucination/spirit of Venom) the AI buddy ally half of her character is now a Ukraine sniper, Albatross, a completely new character. Fully clothed, she’s a mercenary in league with the Soviets. Still an AI buddy, but much more mundane, and is a associate of Ocelot.

02. You get to bring generic Diamond Dog soldiers with you on missions, they act as expendable buddies. (And can be perma killed)

03. D.D, D.Horse, and D.Walker are in unchanged.

04. Entirely new buddies include Battle Gear, which was previously cut from the game. Basically the Zeke building segment of Peace Walker…with the addition of being able to drive it (deploying cost alot though). And Red. (Chico as he was supposed to be in Phantom Pain. Is also a midgame boss.)

The Demon Edition is aimed to stomp out the Kojima’s version of the series.

Metal Gear Solid 5 Demon Edition will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC this December. The game will also be ported to Nintendo Switch.

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