Latest Xbox Project Scarlett Details Revealed Higher Frame Rates And Faster Loading Times

Xbox Project Scarlett

This year during E3, Microsoft has laid some pretty huge announcements for its breathtaking fans. One of the huge announcement is Microsoft’s next-generation console, Project Scarlett. Meanwhile, some latest Xbox Project Scarlett details have revealed games running on higher frames along with faster loading speeds for any kind of title.

These major details have been revealed in an interview of Xbox’s Phil Spencer. In the interview, he detailed on the Xbox plans for the AMD partnership for a custom-designed processor for its next-gen console. According to the feedback collected from players, Phil says the major limitation in their previous consoles like Xbox One X was the CPU and this time the developers aren’t going to ignore it.

Putting the focus on the best architectural CPU will let developers remove the burden from GPU and so is the performance. In his own words:

Traditionally, consoles have been heavy GPU, very light CPU. So we were working with AMD on technologies and what their CPU road map looked like. You can see this on X and even S, experimenting with variable refresh rates. So much of your refresh rate, your game loop, and having this synchronization between those things really helps create buttery controls in a game.

This time, working with AMD has allowed Microsoft developers to also look to the performance constraints of memory, bandwidth, and SSD for faster data access. Through these constraints, the faster loading times and better frames rates are expected to achieve in the upcoming Xbox Project Scarlett.

Microsoft has announced to release Xbox Project Scarlett in Holiday 2020. Moreover, the latest console will support, 8K gaming, better frames rate up to 120fps in latest games, ray tracing and graphical improvements, GDDR6 RAM, AMD’s Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA CPU and last but not least, backward compatibility support.

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