Id Officially Revealed Rage 2 File Size And Its Huge

Rage 2 file size

As the Id Software’s new Rage 2 is just around the corner for its release, the studio has now started to push more details on the game. Today Id Software has officially revealed Rage 2 file size which is huge then it was expected. Although the studio has already mentioned the game as ‘bigger’ from predecessor so its definitely makes sense.

The Rage 2 file size was revealed on Microsoft’s Store page which shows the installation size to be 30.83GB for Xbox One, which definitely gives the idea of how much size would be for PlayStation 4 and PC. Moreover, the difference would not be that much huge, but only two or three GB more or less in respective platforms.

To talk about open world games, still, Rage 2 file size is not surprising at all. As for the previous open world game from Rockstar, Red Dead Redemption 2 recorded 88 GB on the Xbox One, while 105 GB on PlayStation 4.

Avalanche Studios has mentioned making the game more detailed and immersive than the previous entries. The game will be featuring vast landscapes with many jungles, swamps along with deserts, which allows us to think why the game’s file size is huge.

Id’s studio director, Tim Willits has already mentioned that the game will be playable offline even when it is an always-online game. He said that Rage 2 will keep players busy without multiplayer Modes by post-launch content ranging from paid DLC’s to free DLC’s that will add new experience. Unlike the previous Rage, with multiplayer and Co-Op this game is focused on singleplayer experience.

According to Tim, there will be a number of unknown locations that are separated from the original story and will be revealed after Post-Launch content. After this Post-launch, you will be able to see all these unknown and inaccessible locations and their relation with player activity through the main story.

What are your thoughts on the Rage 2 file size? Feel free to share them in the comments section down below.

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