“The Infinity Blade” Sword Returned In Fortnite

Fortnite Infinity Blade Sword

The most feared Fortnite Infinity blade sword is back again along with a new playable mode in the game. Recently Fortnite has unvaulted its infinity blade sword which sowed quite a chaos during Winter Royale. Sword was vaulted because of its overpowered chaos.

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Back in December during Fortnite season 7, Epic released a new weapon item in the game as ‘Infinity blade’. When players centered around the weapon, it became clear that this new supreme weapon is significantly overpowered. After some time Epic nerfed the weapon, but still, it wasn’t enough for it. After quite a chaos Epic decided to vault the weapon.

Since the Fortnite Infinity blade sword went to the vault, it was never heard to be found in the game anymore. Epic said that they are re-evaluating their approaches to this mythic weapon abilities, but never gave indications on its return in the game. The magic sword is an unstoppable killing machine which sounds great but it isn’t balanced well for the core gameplay.

Now the good news is that this Fortnite Infinity blade sword is coming back for the main battle royale mode. The weapon is making its return in a new limited-time mode ‘Sword Fight’. The weapon was available for only one time per match but as for the new mode, it seems like weapon can also be dropped from regular loot sources. The description from the new mode says:

Treasure chests contain Epic or better weapons, as well as the occasional Infinity Blade. Fight your opponents to find out who is worthy of the Blade… and who is not.

This means that multiple players will now be able to wield the Fortnite Infinity blade sword at once which is a good way to enhance the playability of overpowered weapon -certainly. For someone who missed the infinity blade or didn’t get the chance to swing it around, this will be the perfect time to try it out.

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