High and Low Fortnite Frame Rates Has Impact on Weapons, Here is Why

Fortnite Frame Rates

It turns out that PUBG is not the only Battle Royale that has problems with the difference in rate of fire dude to dips or higher frame rates. After a long thread discussion on Reddit a streamer DrLupu decided to run some tests to confirm that Fortnite frame rates can reduce the rate of fire in game and surprisingly Epic is aware of this issue and is working on a fix.

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This isn’t the first time the issue has grown his head, however a Reddit thread from last year goes into a lot of detail about how frame-rates affect with fire based on how quickly the magazine is emptied.

Digital Foundry also tried to do their own experimentation related to the Fortnite frame rates effect on fire rate. On comparing 300fps, 60fps and 30fps they found 5.2% difference in Fortnite’s rate of fire from 30 to 60fps while having no difference in 60 to 300fps.

The difference is significant in both 30fps and 6ofps but there are also some inconsistencies with different guns results creating wider differences in fire rates. In short those who play Fortnite at lower frame-rate will have a disadvantage of deploying lower damage as compared to players with high fps.

On PC issue is less frequent as players are most likely to achieve higher frame rates, but players on other platforms like the Switch don’t have such ease like PC. It will still impact on matches even if it’s the minor one, since PC players can still take advantage over players on other platforms.

Console players may find themselves at a disadvantage with the problem, but they can always choose to opt out of cross-play, at least until the FPS-ROF relation issue gets fixed. It may not be optimal, but the workaround will at least help players compete on a level playing field.

Epic Games responded towards Fortnite frame rates and are most likely to release patch in near Future. Meanwhile, share your experience with us in comments down below.

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