Failure of Overkill’s The Walking Dead Infuriates CEO, He Blames His Devs

Starbreeze CEO was fired last month over the poor sales and failure of The Walking Dead. In his last email to the developers of the game, he shifted the whole blame on developers of the game. Overkill’s The Walking Dead released on PC Steam platform November 6, 2019 and the sales were horrible.

In one of the email to the staff, Starbreeze CEO Andersson mentioned his concerns that the failure of The Walking Dead was due to its developers, who ”did not put extra care”.

Personally though I lost all my money, my family in divorce and my kids custody through the toil over the last 2-3 years working 100 hour weeks for Starbreeze and keeping you devs paid and in the game… With less and less developers willing to put in the extra care in a product it clearly limits the possible result of enough quality in time. This is a new era and I did not leave the old one and adapt in time – my fault. Its ok – its new time

Eurogamer had the chance to speak with number of staff members about the failure of The Walking Dead and CEO’s infuriation over his developers. They replied with unhappy remarks and requested to remain anonymous. They mentioned:

He’s really pushing the blame on everyone else but him, It’s a ridiculous thing to write

Overkill’s The Walking Dead released first on PC Steam last year in November. The game had poor sales and mixed reviews at Steam. Starbreeze earlier this month announced that they will not release the game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on scheduled date and that new date will be disclosed at later stage. Should we assume the game is delayed indefinitely?

Have you played Overkill’s The Walking Dead? What was your experience about the game? Share more your thoughts in comments section below.


Source: Eurogamer

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  1. LMFAO…Maybe IF they wanted to make a game that wasn’t garbage trash, then they should have made an actual game instead of recycling their old god damned game….It wasn’t a real game it was just Payday 2 with a Walking Dead skin…

  2. Maybe studios should hire people who actually know how to make a game. Are well educated about the importance of gameplay and understand good game play mechanics. But they won’t because they themselves are incompetent;

  3. Obviously the man is clearly emotional so I wouldn’t take his statement too seriously.

    However, employees work for a paycheck. It’s as simple as that. Developers need to understand this. The employees will never have the same passion as the head of the dev team.

    This is why indie gaming is going to takeover in the near future because you have teams of people who are actually passionate about their projects, instead of big companies simply in it for the money.

    Quality suffers when you’re hiring employees who simply want to earn a paycheck and don’t really care about the work they’re doing.

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