Every Need For Speed Heat Detail You Should Know About

Need For Speed Heat Detail

Ghost Games studio released gameplay footage of Need For Speed Heat at Gamescom 2019. The video covered many features and details about the game, however, there is more to it. We have collected and mentioned here every Need for Speed Heat detail we know so far that you should know too about the game.

List of Need For Speed Heat Detail Known So Far

01. Location

Need for Speed Heat takes place in Palm City which is a fictional inspiration of Miami.

02. Day and Night Gameplay Choice

Players can play entirely in the day or night, there is no compulsion to select one. In the day, players can race Speed Hunters races to earn money. In the Night, players can race as well as pick and prey on Cops.

03. Cops Heat Levels

The heat levels of cops will return in Need for Speed Heat. The more the heat level, the lethal force cops will go for to take racers down. In one footage shown at Gamescom 2019, a police van was spotted to ram a racer’s car.

04.Racer’s Health Bars

The racers will now have health bar and they will not be invincible to cops ramming into them.

05. Ferrari and Evo 10 

Yes, Ferrari and Lancer EVO 10 will feature in Need for Speed Heat

06.Lt. Mercer will be the next Cross (Cop villain)

07. New Paths

New parts will be earned through events in the game, there is a race, win the race get the new part.

08. Speed cards and Loot Boxes

The notorious speed cards from Need For Speed Payback will not be featured in NFS Heat.

09.New handling Model

New handling model will be introduced in NFS Heat. Stay tuned to our website for that.

10. Drag Races

Drag races will return and will be better than before.

11. Mature Content

NFS Heat will feature mature content. The game rating is not final yet.

12. Character Customization

Character customization will feature in the game and it will allow you to create and change the appearance of your driver whenever you want.

13. Helicopters

Helicopters are returning in the game.

14. Off-Road Racing

Off-Road racing will also return in Need for Speed Heat

15. Re-worked HUD

The HUD will show how many cops are chasing you

16. Online Players Limit in Server

The online servers will be limited to 2-16 players

17. NOS Colors

NOS colors are returning in NFS Heat

This is pretty much every Need for Speed Heat detail known so far. If you think we missed something, feel free to share about it in comments section below.

Source: Reddit

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