EA’s Frostbite Hair Rendering Will Be Used For Both PlayStation 5 And Xbox Scarlett Games

Frostbite hair rendering

To name the most famous game engines out their, Frostbite is one of them with the biggest non-commercialized graphical abilities. The EA’s Frostbite has managed to push many successful game titles, Battlefield series is the top on the list. While recently EA has showcased their new Frostbite hair rendering update, which will be used for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett games.

Frostbite is an Electronic Arts proprietary game engine also developed by EA. Initially, the engine was used for cross-platform development of games for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. While it was later expanded to work for eighth-generation consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to reach better graphical and performance improvements in games.

Recently, EA has released several videos on YouTube showcasing the new Frostbite hair rendering abilities. The videos indicate the EA engine has now achieved to render individual hair strands. Moreover, the new engine update allows developers to modify hair physics along with the volume, density, lightening in rendering.

In the previous titles, the hair rendering technique was a bit of a workaround because of the engine limitation. The hairs were only considered as a geometrical block or a shape, while the latest engine update will fix the limitation by providing individual strand increasing the modification abilities. While these were shown under some quickly rendered demo videos and Electronic Arts will surely mention more details for this update in the upcoming E3 event.

Frostbite being the most famous engine doesn’t mean it is flawless. The engine was very criticized for not being flexible for third-person games. EA previous released Anthem is one of the casualties of this issue which was shaken by many game’s performance issues on all platforms. Moreover, the Frostbite has been exclusive for EA titles only.

What are your thoughts on the EA’s new Frostbite hair rendering abilities? Share with us in the comments section down below.

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