The Division 2 Weapon Buffs and Nerfs in Invasion: Battle For D.C Update

Division 2 Weapon Buffs

The Division 2 weapon buffs and nerfs are applied in the recent Invasion: Battle for D.C update for the game. Ubisoft has released the patch notes of the update and we now know how much percentage of damage is buffed or nerfed on assault rifles, LMGs, shotguns and Marksman Rifles. It should be noted that SMGs did not receive and buff or nerf in this update.

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Here are the buffs and nerfs applied to various weapon types in the game.

01. Assault Rifles

P416 Assault Rifle has been tweaked for long-range where the weapon previously landed increased damage over longer distances.

M4 Assault Rifle has also been through same changes like P416. The patch has fixed a wrong long-range damage value.

02. Rifles

MK17 Rifle’s damage has been significantly reduced by 14%. In addition that that a correction is done to weapon damage falloff over distance.

Lightweight M4 Rifle damage has been significantly increased by 5% and the RPM of the weapon is increased from 240 to 360.

LVOA-C Rifle RPM is increased from 240 to 380.

03. Shotguns

AA12 Shotgun damage is increased by an overall 16% of the current value.

Super 90 Shotgun has gone through a wrong long-range damage correction, where the weapon earlier was landing increased damage at longer distances.

04. LMGs

MG5 LMG damage is significantly increased by 12%. In addition that, the reverse falloff of the weapon is now fixed. Previously, the weapon used to land more damage over a longer range, now it is fixed.

05. Marksman Rifles

Model 700 Marksman rifle’s weapon damage is nerfed down by a total of 13%.

NPCs Weapon Damage

The update also introduces nerfs to NPCs weapons. All NPCs regardless of any faction will now deal reduced damage from their Automatic Shotguns and SMGs.

These are all The Division 2 weapon buffs and nerfs applied in recent patch. For detailed patch notes, check out the official website here. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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