The Division 2 True Patriot Gear Set Guide – How to Get, Set Bonuses

In our The Division 2 True Patriot gear set guide we have mentioned how you can get complete gear set pieces in the game. Our guide will also mention the gear set pieces bonuses that you can get after equipping True Patriot gear set pieces.

Method 01

First off, you need to play Tidal Basin Stronghold that is made available in Invasion Battle For D.C game update. Once you have completed the stronghold mission, you will be shifted to World Tier 5. Completing the mission will reward you with a random gear set, there is chance you get a random True Patriot gear piece.

Now, once you are in World Tier 5, you need to kill named Black Tusk bosses or Elites. They have high chances of dropping True Patriot gear set pieces. Farming all six pieces of True Patriot is the only way to get the complete gear set, unlike Hard Wired gear set, which is acquired by crafting the blueprint items.

The best way is to play the Occupied Dark Zone. Here, you will encounter only Black Tusk enemy faction. You will need to clear landmarks one after the other. Every landmark has at least one named Black Tusk boss and one or two Elites.

The dropped True Patriot loot can be contaminated, which will require you to extract first and use later. However, there are also chances for you to get loot which directly goes into your inventory. Regardless of loot type, Occupied Dark Zone is the best place to farm the complete True Patriot gear set.

Method 02

If you do not like to play Dark Zone and hate the PVP there, you can play invaded missions on Hard or Challenge difficulty to get True Patriot loot drop. Remember, the higher the difficulty, the higher the chances of good loot drop. Be sure to play Invaded main missions only as you will get the True Patriot gear set pieces by killing Black Tusk named NPCs only.

The Division 2 True Patriot Gear Set Guide – All Set Bonuses

Division 2 True Patriot Gear Set Guide

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This sums up our Division 2 True Patriot gear set guide. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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