The Division 2 Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun Guide – How To Get

In our The Division 2 Sweet Dreams exotic shotgun guide, we have mentioned how you can get this weapon. We have also detailed the perks that you will get with this weapon and weapon talents in our guide.

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A quick reminder that there is no easy way to get Sweet Dreams exotic shotgun. You are required to keep replaying certain missions on hard or challenge difficulty unless the weapon drops as boss loot.

Sweet Dreams exotic shotgun drops only from Outcast bosses. You are required to replay only those missions where you face an Outcast faction boss at the end of mission on hard or challenge difficulty.

Replaying DCD Headquarters mission again and again has a decent chance of dropping Sweet Dreams exotic shotgun from the Outcast boss. You are free to replay any other main mission with Outcast faction boss, Sweet Dreams Shotgun will still drop as long as the boss is of the Outcast faction.

The Division 2 Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun Guide – Weapon Talents

  • Sweet Dreams

Landing a melee attack on an enemy after swapping to this weapon grants 35% bonus armor and applies the Sandman debuff.

Killing an enemy with Sandman debuff  reapplies the bonus armor.

  • Sandman

This debuff prevents the enemy from using armor kits and from receiving healing from any source.

  • Evasive

While equipped, dodging reloads 1% of your current weapon’s magazine.

Division 2 Sweet Dreams Exotic Shotgun Guide

This sums up our The Division 2 Sweet Dreams exotic shotgun guide. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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