The Division 2 Stoner LMG Guide – How To Get, All Weapon Perks

Division 2 Stoner LMG How To Get

In our The Division 2 Stoner LMG how to get guide, we have mentioned from where you will get this newly light machine gun in the game. This weapon has come to The Division 2 in Title Update 5 and is a high-end weapon.

Division 2 Stoner LMG How To Get – Location

Stoner LMG is a new light machine gun high-end weapon that is added to loot pool in Title Update 5 of the game. There is a chance that the weapon will drop randomly for you while you are doing open world activities or main missions.

However, if you complete the newly added mission titled as Camp White Oak, Stoner LMG will surely drop for you. This high-end light machine gun is not tied to RNG (random number generator) loot for this mission and it definitely drops when you complete this mission.

Division 2 Stoner LMG – Weapon Talents

Stoner LMG comes in 200 round magazine size with 580 RPM. The weapon has base roll titled as Overwhelm.

Overwhelm: Suppressing an enemy, that is not currently suppressed, grants +5% weapon damage for 10 seconds. Max stack is 5

This sums up our The Division 2 Stoner LMG how to get guide. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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