The Division 2 Nemesis Exotic Sniper Guide – How to Get

Our Division 2 Nemesis exotic sniper guide is divided into parts, for this part, you can get the first two components required to craft the exotic sniper rifle.

The latest patch has brought The Division 2 Nemesis exotic sniper rifle in the game. The sniper rifle does not drop as a stand alone item. However, if you want to get the Nemesis sniper rifle, you will need to get its parts first and craft the weapon from a blueprint.

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Currently, you can get only two parts of the Nemesis sniper rifle. The other two parts and the blueprint are locked behind weekly stronghold mission rotations. You have till one week to make time and get the part of Nemesis sniper rifle from invaded Capitol Building mission.

The first part of the weapon can be found in Tidal Basin mission. You must approach this mission for 2nd time to get the first Nemesis sniper rifle part.You need to reach an area where you see a control tower. Once you have cleared the area, take the ground floor door, go upstairs and you will find a keycard item.

This item is used later in the mission where you approach inside of a hovercraft. Take a left inside the hovercraft and you will reach a door to input the code. There you will find Adrestia SR1 Marskman rifle. Dismantle the weapon and you will get Marskman Rifle: Scope The Tally.

Division 2 Nemesis Exotic Sniper Guide

For second part, play this week’s invaded stronghold. Simply playing Capitol Building this week will grant you second part of Nemesis sniper rifle. At the end of mission, you will encounter David Prime Maxwell boss. Kill the boss and he will drop Marskman Rifle: Barrel – The Scourge part.

Division 2 Nemesis Exotic Sniper Guide

That is all you can collect for this week now. Nemesis sniper rifle still needs two more parts and a blueprint. The two parts will be dropped from the bosses of District Union Arena invaded stronghold and Roosevelt Island invaded stronghold. You need to play and get the parts whenever they come on weekly rotation.

We will update our Division 2 Nemesis exotic sniper guide next week, be sure to check out our page. If you still do not understand the guide, watch the video here.

Video Source: WillisGaming

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