The Division 2 Hard Wired Gear Set Guide – How To Get, Set Bonuses

In our The Division 2 Hard Wired gear set guide, we have mentioned step by step method on how you can get the complete gear set in the game. The recent update of the game has brought three new gear sets, two of them drop by killing Black Tusk bosses and elites, however, Hard Wired gear set does not drop and it can only be crafted.

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Three New The Division 2 Gear Sets Bonuses and Perks Explained

First, you need to complete Tidal Basin Stronghold mission. Once you have completed it, you will find a new assignment under Goal Project titled as ”Hard Wired Prototype”. Completing this assignment will reward you all six blueprints that will be required to craft Hard Wired gear set.

Division 2 Hard Wired Gear Set Guide

The Goal Project also mentions the required main missions that needs to be replayed. Replaying the missions and taking out their bosses will reward you with loot that is significant in project completion.

Here is the list of components that will be dropped from bosses of respective main missions.

  1. Grand Washington Hotel will drop Hard Wired M-Component
  2. Jefferson Trade Center will drop Hard Wired C-Component
  3. Federal Emergency Bunker will drop Hard Wired B-Component
  4. Lincoln Memorial will drop Hard Wired G-Component
  5. Air & Space Museum will drop Hard Wired H-Component
  6. Bank Headquarters will drop Hard Wired K-Component

Division 2 Hard Wired Gear Set Guide

Once you have acquired all component parts, return to projects in base of operation and go to Assignment to get all six blueprints of Hard Wired gear set.

Now, after acquiring all six blueprints, you need to farm Hard Wired materials. An easy and fast way to farm these materials is to go to Invaded Dark Zone, where only enemy faction is Black Tusk. Killing Black Tusk enemies will drop Hard Wired materials, but you can carry only 30 materials. However, crafting a complete 6 piece gear set will require you 60 Hard Wired materials.

It is inappropriate that you need 60 materials but game allows you to carry 30 at a time, so you are bound to craft 3 gear pieces initially and then you need to go back to Invaded Dark Zone again for another 30 materials.

Division 2 Hard Wired Gear Set Guide

That is pretty much everything that you need to do in order to acquire complete gear set. Here are the gear set pieces bonuses.

The Division 2 Hard Wired Gear Set Guide – All Gear Pieces Bonuses

Division 2 Hard Wired Gear Set Guide

This sums up our The Division 2 Hard Wired gear set guide. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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