Devil May Cry 5 Game Length Will Be 15 Hours, Confirms Game Director

Hideaki Itsuno in a recent interview was asked about the game length and he answered by mentioning that Devil May Cry 5 game length will be 15 hours long. Devil May Cry 5 releases March 8, 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows platform.

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In past, most of the previously released Devil May Cry games had a decent game length of 8-12 hours. After the confirmation of Devil May Cry 5 game length by game director, it can simply be assumed that this game will have the highest game length than its predecessors.

The information about Devil May Cry 5 game length was revealed during a question and answer session in Seoul. Game Director said that going off of their internal playthroughs and tests of the game, they expect Devil May Cry 5 to end in 15 hours.

The game length revealed by game director must also be taken into account that he must have mentioned the ’15-hours’ for normal difficulty. If you want some extra difficulty and challenge than a much higher game level difficulty may cost you couple of more hours.

Capcom since E3 2018 has been continuously sharing tad bits of information about Devil May Cry 5. The hype that is generated so far is real. According to Capcom Devil May Cry 5 will be the first game to feature 60 frames per second on Xbox One X and the game will feature graphics which are based on Resident Evil 7 game engine.

Capcom has showcased so far gameplay of Nero, Dante and third character titled as ‘V’. The gameplay demo of Nero has been available so far. Capcom released a demo version of Devil May Cry 5 in the tail of 2018 exclusively on Xbox One.

Capcom has also recently said that a new second demo is on its way and it will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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