Devil May Cry 5 Character V has Special Place in Story, Says Hideaki

Devil May Cry 5 character V

In a recent interview with game director, Hideaki Itsuno shed more light on how character V will come out to be in the game. Itsuno revealed how much Devil May Cry 5 character V will be playable throughout the game events.

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V is a new character that is introduced in Devil May Cry 5. He will be the third playable character in the game. Here is what Hideaki explained about this character V:

From when I was coming up with the project plan for DMC5, I was already saying that we need a new protagonist that plays completely different from Dante and Nero. I wanted a completely different sort of approach for players that wasn’t just an expansion of previous gameplay styles. To be specific, I thought of making situations where you want to attack and defend separate.

The main purpose of a new character in the game is to increase replayability. According to Itsuno, he said players will find out what we had in mind for V. Character V’s place in the game’s story is very crucial.

Developers have worked around clock to make game replayable for a long time and avoid repetitive missions which were how the recent entries in the series have been. Not only because of adding a new character will refresh the series from Dante and Nero, but also in how new Devil May Cry 5 character V will bring interest in gameplay.

He also said:

If you stick to the story, there may be less chances to play as V. Instead, there are several missions where you can choose the character you want to use. If you like V, then you can freely choose to use him there

Devil May Cry 5 character V is from different entity as Dante and Nero are. V’s abilities consist of summoning entities which help him in the battle and bring more interesting gameplay.

Itsuno also revealed that players will have characters of their choices before the start of missions. He said if you get stuck in story there may be fewer chances to play as character V. But there are several missions where players can choose character V. The whole character choice feature is another layer into gameplay replayability that lets you play game missions again to see different perspective along with each character.

What are your thoughts on new Devil May Cry 5 character V? Share with us in the comments section down below. 

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