A New Detective Pikachu Game Is Announced To Arrive On Nintendo Switch

Detective Pikachu game

With the success of the latest Detective Pikachu movie in the box office, all new Detective Pikachu game for Nintendo Switch has been announced. The announcement has arrived from the Pokemon Company during the 2019 press conference today.

Moreover, the Switch game will serve the mystery of cliffhanger from the 3DS game of the original series. The Pokemon Company mentioned that the ending of the game will be different from the movie ending that has starred Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu.

The new Detective Pikachu game for Switch is now being developed by Creatures Inc., which is a Japanese studio and worked with the Pokemon Company on various Pokemon titles over the past years. As from the announcement, the Pokemon company has shared their plans to make the new Detective Pikachu game, but still, they haven’t confirmed whether the development has started on not.

Moreover, the news on a sequel for Detective Pikachu movie is already under works now. The latest confirmation is not a total surprise because the movie has received well acclamation and served a lot of business too.

While the original Detective Pikachu is an adventure game also developed by Creatures Inc and was published by Pokemon Company. The game was released for Nintendo 3DS family of consoles on February 3, 2016. The game holds player to control Tim Goodman working with Detective Pikachu in solving different mysteries.

Moreover, that’s not it for the Pokemon company’s press conference. A new Pokemon Sleep app is also announced which as wacky as it sounds, will turn sleep into full entertainment. According to the app’s description, Pokemon Sleeps serves to turn the sleep into entertainment by having the player’s time during sleep and the time when they’re awake and affecting this onto the gameplay.

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