Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Warlock Armor Upgrade Guide

Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Warlock Armor Upgrade Guide

In our Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Warlock armor upgrade guide, we have mentioned all the requirements that you will need to complete in order to upgrade your armor. The Solstice of Heroes event in Destiny 2 is live now and will be available till August 27.

EAZ – European Aerial Zone

Solstice of Heroes events has made available EAZ area in the game. This area provides a three player matchmaking activities where players will need to beat as much mini-bosses as possible to reach the final boss. Completing any activity during Solstice of Heroes event will grant you Solstice Key Fragments.

Once the boss is defeated, a limited time will be granted to guardians to search and open chests which have Solstice Packages in them. These packages are opened by Solstice Key Fragments.

Solstice Packages will grant you rare, legendary gear, materials and enhancement cores. Solstice Packages will reward you with better gear once you have completed your Legendary Solstice armor.

Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Warlock Armor Upgrade Guide – Requirements and Steps

You will pick up a 700 Power Level Solstice of Heroes armor which is upgraded from drained to renewed to masterwork only after completing certain objectives.

01. Drained to Renewed

Gear Name Objective to Complete
Helmet Complete an EZ run and land 50 Precision final blows and defeat 50 Cabal enemies
Gauntlets Complete 10 playlist Strikes and collect 500 of any type of Elemental orb and defeat 10 opposing Guardians
Chest Armor Complete three Adventures and collect 100 Arc orbs in Gambit and/ or Crucible matches and open 10 Solstice Packages
Boots Loot 10 EAZ Chests and collect 100 Solar Elemental orbs in Strikes and use the Void subclass to defeat 75 enemies on the EAZ
Bond Complete 10 Nessus public events and five Solstice bounties and 10 Crucible or Gambit matches

02. Renewed to Masterwork

Gear Name Objective to Complete
Helmet Defeat mini-bosses in EAZ runs and collect Elemental orbs whilst in the EAZ and defeat enemies in Strikes with the subclass that matches the daily element
Gauntlet Complete bounties and collect Elemental orbs by matching sub-classes with your fireteam members and defeat opposing Guardians in Gambit or Crucible matches
Chest Armor Complete Gambit matches and complete Challenges and defeat enemies using Void weapons
Boots Complete Heroic Puclic Events and collect Solar Orbs during Stroke playthroughs and defeat Hive enemies using the daily elemental subclass
Bond Complete Patrols on Titan and open chests in the EAZ and use Arc Supers to defeat Guardians in Gambit and Crucible matches

This sums up our Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Warlock Armor upgrade guide. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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