Cheap Alternatives to Play Gears 5 on Day One

Play Gears 5

Gears 5 is releasing September 10, 2019 and it costs about $60 to buy and play on Xbox One or Microsoft Windows. There are few alternative ways to play Gears 5 cheap. Make no mistake, these alternates are not free and you will still need to pay.

Gears 5 PC Steam Version

Microsoft has said no to exclusivity and now Gears 5 will release on Microsoft Windows Store along with Steam platform. Now, Steam has regional pricing in the store and there are many regions where you can get a new game for just $20. Luckily Gears 5 is one of them.

In one of the regions, Gears 5 price is for just $20 as standard edition and $25.99 for ultimate edition. This is a dirt cheap price tag, one that most of retailers as well as official stores are not offering right now. Visit your Steam store right now and check out the price.

Play Gears 5

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC

Microsoft is currently running a promotion where you can get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate of one month for $1 and two months for $2. Gears 5 will release day one for Microsoft Xbox Game Pass owners and will become available to play on Xbox One and PC. If you have not tried the subscription service yet on Xbox One or on PC, now is the time to shell out 1 or 2 dollars and play Gears 5 for dirt cheap price.

In case you have decided to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One / Windows, visit the official website here.

Are you looking forward to play Gears 5 on day one? Did our article help you to spend wisely? Share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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