Bethesda Dropped Rage 2 2019 Roadmap Ahead Of Game Release

Rage 2 2019 roadmap

Bethesda’s upcoming title Rage 2 is scheduled for release in next week on May 14th, while publishers have already dropped details of the Rage 2 2019 roadmap. The announcement on the game’s post-launch content has arrived on the studio’s official website. The post reads:

The party doesn’t stop when Rage 2 launches on May 14. With events, community challenges, new vehicles, additional enemies, new Cheats, and two huge expansions, Rage 2’s calendar is pretty packed for the rest of 2019.

The post-launch content starts from the launch week which will be adding community challenges in the game. These challenges will be available to players in both May and June that will be rewarding players with cosmetics, skins and a shiny Vomit Comet Pistol skin. While June and July will be offering new vehicles and some deadly enemies. The month of August is pretty huge for the Rage 2 2019 roadmap which will be adding a major DLC “Rise of the Ghosts” which is focussed on the addition of a new storyline for the game along with new weapons, cosmetics, vehicles, and abilities.

The fall part of the roadmap is decided for November which hasn’t hinted any possible details. Additionally, Bethesda has announced to release more details soon.

Id Software has also revealed Rage 2 file size which is huge then it was expected. Although the studio has already mentioned the game as ‘bigger’ from predecessor so its definitely makes sense.

The Rage 2 file size was revealed on Microsoft’s Store page which shows the installation size to be 30.83GB for Xbox One, which definitely gives the idea of how much size would be for PlayStation 4 and PC. Moreover, the difference would not be that much huge, but only two or three GB more or less in respective platforms.

Moreover, Id Software’s Studio Director Tim Willits said that Rage 2 will keep players busy without multiplayer Modes by post-launch content ranging from paid DLC’s to free DLC’s that will add new experience. Unlike the previous Rage, with multiplayer and Co-Op this game is focused on singleplayer experience.

What are your thoughts in the Rage 2 2019 roadmap? Share with us in the comments section down below.

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