Here is Everything You Need To Know About Battlefield V Microtransactions

Battlefield V Microtransaction

Originally last year Battlefield V was released without microtransaction, which was then planned to release later. Today, Dice has added Battlefield V microtransaction as part of Tides of War update. The new update patch released today, Tides of War Chapter 3: Trials by Fire update #2 has added a Battlefield currency which is an in-game currency that can be purchased by real money. Not only that the new update also focussed on improvements for recently added battle royale mode ‘Firestorm’.

The new update will allow players to use this Battlefield currency to buy cosmetic items, which has no primary effect on the gameplay. All items that can be purchased through Battlefield currency and can also be earned through gameplay. The update description from Dice says:

The balanced rock-paper-scissors gameplay that has always been the foundation of the Battlefield series isn’t going anywhere. Player skill will continue to be paramount with the addition of Battlefield Currency, which gives players more ways to acquire items to customize their characters and arsenal in Battlefield V.

Moreover, the new update added Epic-level rare items which are not near similar to the common, uncommon and rare items which are also allowed to purchase now. While the description from Dice says that these Epic-level rare items can be only purchased with real money for now.

In the future, EA has reported releasing ‘time savers’ in the form of Tier Catch-ups and XP boosts that can be purchased by real money. On the other hand, Catch-ups allows you to access chapter rewards items which are also a part of cosmetics.

Additionally, the update will focus on adding ‘Elites’ for Battlefield V which can also be purchased by real money through Battlefield V currency. Those who don’t know the Elites are the new characters which can be used in the multiplayer most appropriately to say in the battle royale ‘Firestorm’.

What are your thoughts on the new Battlefield V microtransaction? Feel free to share them in the comments section down below.

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