Anthem Vara Boss Fight Guide – All Attack Patterns and Phases

Anthem Vara Boss Fight Guide

In our Anthem Vara boss fight guide, we have mentioned all attack move sets of Vara boss along with its two different phases during the fight. Vara boss has appeared in Anthem Cataclysm event that is only available for limited time.

In the first phase, Vara becomes an oversized Valkyrie with no shield to block your attacks. However, in this phase, Vara has the most mix of attack patterns that you need to watch out.

In the second phase of Vara boss fight, Vara sets most of the boss fight arena to lava, leaving very limited safe area for players.

Anthem Vara Boss Fight Guide – Valkyrie Phase Attack Patterns

Vara becomes and oversized Valkyrie if the health bar is above 65% and below 35%. Vara mixes a total of four attack patterns in this phase, you never know what attack Vara will throw at you until you get familiar with the following ones.

  • Flaming Waves: Vara targets all players inside the arena with small fire waves. These flaming waves are smaller and they will not cover the area.
  • Ring of Fire: This attack is an instant kill, regardless of in-game difficulty. Vara will spawn a Ring of Fire at the very edge of boss fight arena. The ring slowly closes in to the center of arena. In order to avoid this attack, you must stand in Blue area.
  • Ice Barrage: This attack will freeze your javelin at one place. The attack has high chance for your javelin to get caught by frost. Once you are caught by ice barrage, Vara follows up with a deadly attack.
  • Charged Fire Beam: Vara will fire a charged fire beam only after you are frozen by ice barrage attack. This attack is a powerful one and will deal high damage to your javelin.

Anthem Vara Boss Fight Guide – Lava Phase

In this phase, Vara sets the boss fight floor to lava. Players are left only pillars at their disposal to avoid the burning floor in the arena. Vara in this phase relocates to three pillars of the arena instead of being in the center. In this phase, Vara has only one attack patter which she will spam regularly at you.

Stationary Fireballs: Comparatively, this attack resembles very much to that of Ash Titan. Vara will spawn a fireball on your location which will force you to re-position on top of pillars.

Lava Floor: The floor alone will demand regular maneuvering from one platform to the other. Stepping in lava will drain moderate health. On higher difficulties, it can drain your health quickly though.

This sums up our Anthem Vara boss fight guide. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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