How Anthem Demo Will be Different From Final Game

Anthem Demo

Anthem demo is just around the corner but Bioware has listed things that will be changed in final version of game. Anthem first demo will be available on January 25th on PS4, XBox One and PC, the vip demo will start February 1, 2019.

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Anthem Executive Producer Mark Durrah on twitter revealed the differences between Anthem Demo and final build of the game. These differences were mentioned as low degree PC Controls, one story arc and No tutorials.

Mark also explained in demo the player will have himself in middle of story which explains that this is how the developers will get to work on cross sections of game’s core activities to be experienced by player in final game.

Another major difference will be balance in gameplay so story-line may not get grindy or too easy. Mark said developers have been working on flight controls to feel more natural on mouse and they will get better in the final version. Game demo will contain more bugs which will be fixed in final build.

Lead Producer Ben Irving made the announcement that progress made during the demo sessions will not carry over into the main experience. That Anthem’s demo and full version are two separate versions which adds clarity to the lack of progress transference.

Recently Lead Producer Mark Gamble confirmed that the game’s frame rates wont be able to touch 60fps not even at 1080p though studio may decide to include it as an option later on. The major performance Gamble confirmed were graphics rather than performance although he mentioned that the game will run at locked 30fps in 4K resolution.

No, we’ve prioritized visuals… We can look at prioritizing frame rate maybe as a future thing

The developers recently added information about loot rarity. Apparently more details on Bioware’s final game plans are still expected.

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