Microsoft’s Age Of Empires 4 Development Is Still Underway

Age of Empires 4 development

Recently, Microsoft’s executive vice president of gaming Phil Spencer came forward to talk about Xbox Game Pass for Windows. Moreover, Phil also talked about Relic Entertainment’s upcoming sequel Age of Empires 4 development. He confirmed that the developers are motivated towards the development of new entry in the series and will talk about more details on the game later this year.

Spencer said, that Relic Entertainment is a great studio and they are making great progress in the development of the title. Moreover, the developers are very busy for more details on the new Age of Empires 4 but they will soon return to fans to discuss the game’s details later this year.

So it was cool for us to be able to have a such a full show, and have some things like Age 4 that have been announced but haven’t been shown in a while, other things that maybe aren’t announced, to still be able to have those continue to drive excitement both through the year and potentially even next year’s E3. But we’ll talk more about Age 4, yeah.

Further, during the interview, Spencer said that there is nothing to detail more about the game. Relic Entertainment has great development capabilities and they are doing a great job for the Age of Empires 4 development. Moreover, the revisit of Age of Empires 2 in the Definitive Edition has let developers gather feedback from players, which are making it easier for the new title’s development.

With the success of previous games, Microsoft is treating well for the latest Age of Empires 4. Additionally, the Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition is also coming in Fall this year. It seems like Microsoft is putting a lot more for PC gamers this year.

Recently Microsoft has also announced Xbox Game Pass for PC during this year E3. Although the service for the PC version will be different from the console, which makes sense.

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